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About Eagles Landing Partners

Rooted in a rich historical tapestry shaped by the influence of esteemed senior management teams, Eagles Landing Partners emerged as a symbol of excellence in strategic formulation, organizational evolution, and business re-engineering. Tracing its origins to the visionary mind of Bob Knowling, the legacy of Eagles Landing Partners is intricately woven into the fabric of leadership distinction. Within the narrative of our journey, there exists a commitment to embolden executives, not merely to accept, but to take charge of transformative change within their organizations.

Guided by a discerning framework that sheds light on both current positions and past trajectories, collaborative engagement with partners is the hallmark of our approach. This involves identifying judicious interventions that acted as catalysts for profound organizational evolution. Under the unwavering leadership of Bob Knowling, Eagles Landing Partners embodied a paragon of strategic wisdom and transformative leadership—a testament to a legacy sculpted in the crucible of corporate evolution.

Our vision, deeply rooted in the empowerment of leaders, set the stage for a ripple effect of positive change and enduring success across the corporate landscape.

Charting a Legacy: Bob Knowling’s Impact on Organizational Change for Senior Executives

Our Expertise


CEO Advisory

Equip leaders with the right tools to boost overall productivity.


Vision & Strategy Development

Craft compelling visions and strategic roadmaps for success.


Building High-Performing Teams

Cultivate cohesive units for peak performance.


Leadership Development

Unlock leadership potential with tailored leadership development solutions.


Organizational Transformation

Optimize workflows for enhanced efficiency.

A Legacy of Igniting The Spark In World Leaders

Bob's Personal Journey

This book is a heartfelt and inspirational story as Bob Knowling shares his life journey and the obstacles he addressed along the way in becoming a successful business leader and change agent. 

“Bob Knowling’s contribution to public education in New York City is incalculable; his lessons on leadership and team building are profound; his story is inspiring.”

Dick Parsons, chairman, Citigroup; former chairman and CEO, Time Warner

“Bob’s personal story of resilience, reinvention, and reflection is impressive. A colorful journey certainly worth reading."

Greg Brown, chairman and CEO, Motorola Solutions

You Can Get There from Here is an inspiring story that shows what hard work, determination, and integrity can accomplish in business and in life. We can all learn a thing or two from Bob Knowling.”

Jacques Nasser, chairman, BHP Billiton


What is ELP's approach to Strategy Development?

ELP believes that strategy development is a fluid process that begins with diagnosing the current state of a business, understanding industry/market dynamics, and the competitive landscape. ELP worked closely with CEOs, evaluating the company's strategy, crafting new plans, exploring different options, considering mergers and acquisitions, and laying out a clear roadmap. This tale isn't about promoting a service but sharing a legacy—a story of effective communication, where the strategy became part of the entire organization, and performance indicators lined up to support a shared vision.

How does ELP handle Organizational Transformation?

Eagles Landing Partners (ELP) tackles organizational transformation by first understanding the current state of the company, the industry, and the competition, talking with key players to shape a vision for where the organization wants to go, and working closely with leadership, especially the CEO, to refine strategies, explore options, and build a roadmap for success.

What is ELP's perspective on Re-Engineering the Business Process?

ELP emphasizes the importance of a strong orientation to process management and believes that improving business processes requires training, resource commitment, and adherence to a standard operating environment. ELP's methodology assesses business processes and then re-engineers them, ensuring quantifiable cycle time, cost efficiency improvements, and bankable savings.

what advice does elp have for organizations that WITH transformational needs?

Cultivate a leadership approach that integrates strategic vision, adaptive leadership, and effective communication. Foster a culture of innovation, prioritize talent development, and embrace collaborative leadership. Encourage resilience, prioritize stakeholder engagement, and uphold ethical standards. Invest in ongoing personal development to navigate the evolving business landscape with confidence, contributing to the enduring success of your organization.

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