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Organizational Transformation

Bob Knowling has led organizational transformations across a variety of industries spanning both the public and private sector.  He has led a massive change initiative as a senior executive reporting to the Chairman in a Fortune 500 company, as well as led organizational transformations as CEO of three separate companies.  Very few consultants have actually been Chief Executives so ELP’s capabilities go far beyond theory and case studies.  ELP does not take a cookie cutter approach to organizational transformation; rather, each intervention is tailor-made to fit the organization based on a thorough diagnosis of the company and the urgency of the “case for change”.

We believe that change starts at the top of the organization and that the CEO has to own the transformational agenda.  ELP works directly with the CEO to orchestrate the change process.  Our experience tells us that organizations that have a felt need for change, due to market and competitive conditions, typically soften when confronted with the energy and commitment required to re-invent the company and external assistance/guidance is required.

ELP believes that internal capability needs to be developed in order to manage this type of work within the company long term so a transfer of knowledge is highly encouraged throughout any engagement.  A by-product of the organizational transformation process is that the CEO gets an in-depth look at people via a very different lens, which helps with succession planning.  A successful engagement results is the creation and development of numerous people in the organization who are able to lead and facilitate a transformational agenda, which demonstrates that the knowledge transfer has occurred.

Finally, any Organizational Transformation must have quantifiable and measurable results and must be looked upon with financial intent in terms of new revenue opportunities, potential cost reductions, and/or process improvements.  ELP believes that setting stretch performance objectives is mission critical to a successful Organizational Transformation.