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Strategy Development

The ELP team has a significant amount of experience in business strategy development.  Unlike other consulting firms who focus on producing the “strategy binder”, ELP believes that strategy development is a fluid process that starts with a diagnosis of the current state of the business; understanding the industry/market dynamics; and the competitive landscape.  This process allows us to facilitate conversations with senior leaders about the desired state of the enterprise.   Our approach is to work with a CEO to assess and evaluate the company’s strategy.  These engagements encompass assisting the CEO with the formulation of new strategies; examining strategic options; M&A consideration; and helping the leader build a strategic roadmap for the company.  During the process, ELP assists the CEO in developing the messages that need to be communicated to inform and enlist company-wide support of the strategy and aligning performance indicators throughout the company to support the strategy.  ELP also provides the coaching and discipline for bi-annual reviews of the strategy.